Computer Operations

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Provide students with first-hand knowledge of software, hardware and operations of computer systems.

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Certificate in Computer Operations
Students learn to operate computers in a modern computer lab using a variety of softwares that includes word processing, spreadsheet, database and desktop publishing.

The world today is a computer/technology age, and almost anything require the knowledge of computer, for example: you are looking for a job, you want to create a database to save your data for record and retrieval purpose, you want to manipulate data using formula based functions.

What Will I Learn?
  • Introduction to Computer

  • Microsoft Windows OS

  • Microsoft Application Packages

  • Internet

  • Scanning & Printing

Who is the target audience?
  • Individuals who are new to the computer system
  • Individuals who wish to use the computer for business purposes
  • Individuals wanting to learn about computer operations and have general understanding of how the computer works

Introduction to Computer.
Microsoft Word.
Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft Access
Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Abraham

    Yes! i knew it something told me i was not wasting my time and money. GOD will bless you for setting this course up.

  • Sylvia Nyogo

    I have been a secretary at School for 17 years now, and working with computer application packages but this course has opened my eyes to know even more and made me proud that i made the right choice to enroll for this course, especially the microsoft excel and word part. Thank you.

  • Sherif Soaga

    i have heard that to cook a good soup, you will spend a lot of money; Well, to me, it not so with this course, even at that token i am able to get what my friend a whooping sum of money for